Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY Wedding Crafts Part I

I cannot believe that in just 12 weeks I will become Mrs. Jack McDonnell!
Wedding planning has been such fun and I have enjoyed putting some personal touches into
so many different aspects of our big day.

Pinterest has been a HUGE help for all of these projects
as well as my Mom...couldn't do it without her.

Project #1
Twine wrapped mason jars for the kids table.
Materials:  Hot glue, Twine, and Mason Jars
Wrap and glue! :)

 Project #2
I had made pinwheels previously and posted about them here
 I love pinwheels and was wondering where and how I could incorporate them
 in my wedding and what better place than the kids' table! :)
Materials needed:  brads, scrapbook paper, wooden dowels, and hot glue

Project #3
I have inherited a love for old window panes from my mother...
were you to tour our house you would find a few here and there. 
I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew instantly that I wanted to duplicate it at our wedding reception.

I wondered where I would find such a frame and how much would it cost
 and Jack was able to locate one  at a great price especially for the size and condition!
{Side note:  I have such a helpful and wonderful fiance}

My dad cleaned up the frame and made it good as knew and then
he taught me trick that I will share with you...  Ketchup makes rusted things shine!!
I am so excited to display this window pane with pictures
 from dates and then to later find use for it in our home.

Project #4
Bridesmaids' bouquets
We all know how expensive fresh flowers are so I decided to try making my bridesmaids' bouquets. 
Once again, Pinterest came to my aid (along with my mom, of course)
and I am so pleased with the result!  I used the tutorial found here to make them.

Materials needed:  artificial flowers, flower wire, flower tape, ribbon, grabevine wire and hot glue.

Arrange flowers into a bouquet.
I used 3 hydrangeas and 1 small bunch of contrasting flowers.
Wrap tightly with flower wire

Follow with floral tape covering all the wire and
working your way down the stems and then back up.

Wrap the stems with sheer ribbon glueing as you make your way down .

This stuff is amazing and one roll wrapped two bouquets. 
We loosely wrapped this in kind of a sloppy way to get the look we wanted.

We could keep wrapping these depending on
how thick we want the base to be.

The lighting really does not do these flowers justice,
you will just have to come see them in person on November 2nd. :)

Stay tuned for more DIY wedding projects coming your way! :)


  1. Nicole!!! Oh my goodness!! I love the rustic/vintage look you are doing! AWESOME! Those flowers look awesome! We used fake flowers for the bridesmaids as well, but they weren't near as beautiful as yours. I can't wait to see more.

  2. Wow, great creativity. I love it, thanks for sharing this to us, gives us more ideas. I like the flower, looking forward for more updates.

  3. Nicole, I LOVED this!!! Your wedding is going to be absolutely beautiful...can't wait to see it in person!! Seems like planning and such is going well :)

  4. I love the flowers! You're very talented. :) I had someone else put the flowers together for my wedding because I wasn't brave enough to try it! My mom has a window like that, that she put scrapbook pages in (cut to fit the window) and has it up in her bedroom. I love the idea!

  5. The best thing about the venue is that it is a clean slate. There are no ugly carpets or heavy curtains. Also for desert we had an ice cream bar instead of cake.


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