Monday, December 17, 2012

Wedding details

About two years ago I stumbled across a photographer's blog.
The moments he captured seemed to tell a story and I fell
in love with his photography style.
At the time I was not dating, nor did I have any prospects.
I remember showing my mom his site and wishfully commenting,
Oh, I would love to have HIM photograph my wedding someday...
Shortly after this photographer discovery I began corresponding with Jack and 
found out that this photographer had been mentor to him.
I remember thinking,
Wow what a small world...
In February of 2012, before Jack and I were even engaged I wrote in my prayer journal
Lord, you know my desires.
If it be your will, please may we be married in the fall
and please could you work it out so
that I could have my dream photographer...
The Lord answered that prayer
1.  I was married in the fall - our favorite season
2.  Britton Felber was our wedding photographer
Isn't God so good? :)
One of the reasons I love Britton's work is his creativeness
in capturing details of a bride's special day.
 Whether it was the jewelry that was handmade,
the center pieces that my mom and I designed,
the pewbows that my bridesmaids and I put together,
the corsages and hair pieces that my sisters and mom helped me with,
the bridal bouquet that I handpicked each flower for,
the reception hall,
the homemade cupcakes,
the candy dish labels,
the cupcake tier,
the engraved ring...
They got it all!
Since a majority of my wedding was so very personalized with alot of do it yourself projects,
 I wanted each of those details captured.
 Britton and his wife, Erika, did a phenomenal job and I couldn't
have been more happy!
 {Photography credit to Photography by Britton}


  1. Those are some beautiful moments captured! :) Looking forward to seeing more and more wedding pics!

  2. Small world...I know his brother Blake!

  3. Beautiful, wonderful post!

  4. Yes, God is so good, and I reminded of how God works everything together in His time every time I look at you and Jack. I love you both


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