Thursday, March 27, 2014

Maternity/Lifestyle Photoshoot

This may be a bit of a photo over load, but I couldn't help but want to share
some of our favorite images from our maternity/lifestyle photo-shoot taken
by Britton Felber.  As always, we were totally pleased and also had a wonderful time!
{Location:  Downtown Naperville}

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hello Baby || Week 31-32

Dear Keegan,

I am writing this blog post from my rocker in your nursery as you happily move around inside of me.  It is so wonderful to think that in just two months I will be rocking you from this spot and holding you in my arms...

We have been pretty busy getting ready for you.  Daddy and I had a maternity shoot done in Naperville; below are two of my favorites.  We had a good time picking a few to print for your nursery.

{Photography credit to: Photography by Britton}

Another fun thing we have done is registered for your baby showers.  Seems like just yesterday, Daddy and I were giddy with excitement and scanning items for our wedding registry.  Now, just 21 months later here we are still giddy but this time in anticipation for your arrival.  I dream about what you will look like and know that to us, you will be the most perfect baby in the entire world.

A couple of weeks ago, we were able to get a 4D ultra sound done.  Talk about amazing!!  We could see you plain as day.  You were behaving so well too; laying perfectly still with your hands clasped.  At one point, you even smiled and it tugged on my heart strings.  The technician also pointed out that you have hair on your head already, which Mommy is very excited about, although if you are a bald baby, I will love you all the same... :)

{We registered at both Babies R Us & Target}

Perfect little you <3

I love you with all my heart and cannot wait to meet you!


PS Favorite foods:  everything bagels/cream cheese and smoothies!

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