Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wedding Party

 It was a great blessing to have some of our best friends stand up for us at our wedding.  

What an amazing group of friends who have encouraged us and challenged us to be better people.  

Thank you all for making our day perfect and for your continued love and support as we begin our married life, you are the best!


I am glad we have family and friends who know how to be serious as well as how to have some good fun. :)

Nathan was so good and patient through all the pictures.  Love this guy!

Our not so normal socks. ;)  (Nathan got cheated on this one :)

Cate also did a great job for the pictures, even in the chilly weather.

My youngest brother, and might I add, cutest. :)


  1. Jack? you mean I wasn't the cutest? ;) :o) lol jk

    Socks picture totally my idea! :)
    Nice pictures.

  2. Wow!! Wonderful pictures of the bridal party! I can not wait to get a hold of some these pics! :)You will cherish these pictures forever. So glad I was able to be in your all's big day! :)

  3. OK, I lurked on your blog from Rebecca at Cotton-Wood (you made a comment on her YES post). I want to say I have been so BLESSED to visit your blog and view your God honouring MODEST wedding apparel for both the beautiful bride and your bridesmaids. May the Lord RICHLY bless you for honouring Him.

    Loretta Smith
    Hebrews 10:24
    the polar north :O)


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