Thursday, January 17, 2013

Love is in the air...

Welcome to our home...
I love decorating and I so enjoy having a place to make our own.
Since we have only been married 2 1/2 months everything is a first for us.
We are looking forward to celebrating our first Valentines as a married couple.
I wanted to bring some of that Valentine love right into our decor so that is what you will find in the pictures below.

Jack found this milk can at the end of someone's drive.
It was rusted over but we both knew it had potential...:)
We spray painted it white and I painted some chipboard letters, gathered some twigs, bought some berry sprigs, and ta-da project complete!
I had a different ribbon around it at Christmas so this was quite easy to make look Valentinish.

For those of you who don't know me, I have a thing for twigs, mason jars, and chalkboards...
Here I used my cricut to cut out some hearts, punch a hole in them, and hang
from our Valentine tree which changes from season to season. 

Jack bought me the amaryllis and it is blooming just in time for the holiday.  
Flowers have a way of brightening any room they are in!

 This is my Valentine gift to Jack...
A 2 week countdown til the 14th.
Starting February 1st Jack will receive something every day.  It may be small or big, may not cost a thing...
I have a list that I plan on transferring to sticky notes and attaching to the back of these numbers so it can be reused.
This project was just made using an old frame, twine, and mini-clothespins.
I am excited to start our 14 days of Valentines! :)

This may be one of my favorite things about our house and something I use every day.
When Jack and I were dating we did this project together so it has some good memories tied up in it.
Our 6 foot chalkboard, contains our weekly menu, shopping list, and to do list.
I enjoy making it festive depending on the holiday.
I simply used my cricut to make some 5" circles then folded them in half and glued to some twine.
I love the look of this banner! :)

I like to use this frame for printable art.  I have a printables board on Pinterest where I collect them and then I print them at CVS.  By the end of this year I should have quite the collection! :)
I chose this saying because it was a phrase Jack would say to me when we were dating...

While I was taking pictures of the Valentine decor, I couldn't help but notice that our living room (which is black, tan, and red) seemed so very "Valentinesh" that I just had to share...:)
I love our wood sign that we also made we were dating.
The pillows are on the couch year round but go quite nicely for Valentines.
The two red pillows are actually recovered thrift store finds.
I learned this frugal method from my mother.
Fabric is so much cheaper and it does not take much to cover pillows, and adding buttons
and flowers just make them more unique!

I told you we like chalkboards...:)
This one stands on an easel in our hallway.

 As you leave our house please take note of the wreath on the front door.
This was my first attempt and probably last at a yarn wreath.
I underestimated the time it would take to wrap yarn around a foam wreath...
Hours and hours.
But, I was pleased with the results and plan on leaving it up and just making new flowers
and adding a new ribbon come spring and summer... :)
(The tutorial I used for the fabric flowers came from here I did improvise a little til I got the exact look I liked)

Thank you for visiting our home,
please come again! :)


  1. Your decorations are lovely! Great job! Everything is so creative! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love Love Love this!! I have such a creative friend!


  3. loved "visiting" your home; great ideas

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. So lovely! It's fun to "see" what you guys are up to :)Love the DIY's.

  6. Your home is very lovely!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Super cute!

    I especially love the circle banner.

  8. Wow! You are amazing Nicole!! :) Loved everything... I don't blame you, the chalkboards and twigs are so pretty!

  9. It is all beautiful! I love how creative you are!

  10. Cute, CUTE!!!! I love everything, but especially the chalkboards. You have amazing talent with your word art and making it look printed instead of drawn. Y'all are just the cutest!!!

  11. Awww Love your home!! So warm and inviting! You are the most creative person, Nicole!

  12. Hey Nicole,
    Its Kristen Dunbar...not sure how I stumbled on here but I enjoyed it. =) First of all, congratulations on getting married! You were beautiful, as usual. =) Also, I love your ideas on decorating, so cute! I really enjoyed your little twig tree in the mason jar. Carson was so upset when we took down our Christmas tree, he asked if he could have one in his room. lol I told him to pray, and if we found a really small one he could put it in there, and I had the thought to decorate it seasonally. So, when I saw yours I thought what a great idea, and something fun I could do with him!! So, thanks for the idea. Hope you are doing well. ~Kristen P.S. I really enjoy your photographs as well!!

  13. Thank you all for stopping by and leaving such kind comments; hope I could pass along some Valentine inspiration! <3


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