Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Sometimes when I stop and really ponder the events in my 25 years, 
when I look at the man God has led me to and the wonderful life we are making together,
I can't help but weep silently and pray,
Thank you Lord.

God is so very good to me and at times I really wonder, 
Why me, Lord?
Today I am celebrating my first Valentine's as a married woman.
Just 16 months ago, I was not even dating and I thought marriage would never come for me.
And here I want to say for single girls, Trust God.  I know it is something we hear over 
and over again and maybe it seems like your time will never come.  But take it from me,
all those years of waiting, will seem like a blur of time once you find your Mr. Wonderful.
It is soooo worth the wait, when we do let go of our desires and trust.  About two years
I was discouraged and my father wrote me an email that I will forever cherish.

1. Put God first-do not pine after things you do not have ,rejoice in the things you do have.
2. Faith, this is a little word yet it is the single most important thing in our Christian life. Nicole either we believe God or we don't
The Bible says he knows when a sparrow falls to the ground how much more does he care for us.We as humans cannot understand Gods way and his thoughts, but we must realize He Loves us and wants the best for us.Faith is trusting and believing that God will bring it to pass.
3.Pray,Pray,Pray--Ask God what He wants you to do,and where he wants you to be,we like to plan our lives out like we write in our datebooks,but God is the one you need to allow to write on the tablet of your heart.Maybe I am stupid,but I believe if you ask God to reveal to you His will He will do it. Therefore once you know what His will is for your life you can live each day in peace knowing God has spoke to you and told you what he has for you.Again Pray,Pray, spend a little more time in prayer and God will speak to you loud and clear,
4.Work,Work,Work,--I do not mean at Wee Care or making jewelery or taking pictures, I mean in spiritual things give more to your bus really get a burden for the kids, give more to your Sunday school you have no idea how much these kids look to you.Nicole I believe if you keep focused on the things of God and forget about your needs and desires God will then drop a blessing in your lap that will amaze you.

I took my Father's advice to heart and you know what?
He was right!
God's blessing of Jack still amazes me and I don't ever, ever want to get over it.

Happy Valentines to all, but especially the single are in my prayers.

this is great


  1. Thanks so much! Your post was very encouraging to me!

  2. Love all this! So true. In my women's bible study, we have been talking about how you have to be willing to die to yourself to allow God to help you discover who he truly created you to be. I think it can be hard because we always think the grass is always greener rather than seeing the blessings in the season of life we are in. It is hard to surrender that to God. Our society basically tells us to be selfish...that you should do whatever makes you happy instead of seeking Christ's purpose.
    I often tell my single friends that although my life looks picture perfect on the outside (married for 10 years with 3 little precious kids), that I actually sometimes feel envious of them. There is so much beauty in what God can do through you when you are single (and as a mom too...but you see what I mean).
    You two are so beautiful together and I love seeing a young couple continuously seek Christ in their marriage!

  3. Encouraging.

    Love that last picture :)

  4. Beautiful post! Thanks you! Love you with all my heart

  5. Wow! What a testimony to the great God that we serve and encouragement to singles. Thank you for sharing.
    Mrs. T

  6. Thank you so much Nicole!! :) Isn't it wonderful to have such wise, godly fathers?!
    Thanks again!


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