Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hello Baby || Week 17

Dear Baby,

My oh my, how you are growing and making Mommy grow too... :)  You are now the size of my palm and weigh in at 5 ounces, about the size of a turnip!  I remember when we first found out we were expecting that you were just the size of a tiny poppy seed!

We have our third appointment tomorrow; never in my life have I been so excited to go to the Doctor.  Yet, Daddy and I look forward to these visits and are looking even more so to our next one in which we will find out if you are a boy or girl.  Mommy has a feeling that you are a girl, but of course that means nothing and I would be equally thrilled with a little boy.

This last week we celebrated Thanksgiving; one of my absolute favorite holidays.  I couldn't help but be even more grateful that God has given you to us.  Throughout the day, I kept thinking that next Thanksgiving you will be half a year old!!  Crazy - but oh so exciting!  We cannot wait to welcome you into the world.  Every time Daddy and I see little babies, we get more anxious to see you.  I find myself looking at him and saying, I want one.  To which he replies, Soon, very soon...


PS We love apples and eat 1-2 a day.  We also enjoy cheese and crackers and oddly enough any thing sour.  Perhaps you take after your Aunt Brooke who likes to drink straight lemon juice... ;)

{Thanksgiving '13}


  1. :) love reading these posts. And so excited to meet this little one :) hoping the child does take after his aunt..:) what an amazing child that would be :)

  2. What a beautiful little mommy you are!! :)


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