Friday, December 14, 2012

the beginning

There are days in a person's life that they forever want to remember.
November 2nd was our day.

A wedding is something that takes planning, patience, and a mother. :)
I won't say that everything went absolutely perfect according to plan, 
but I will say that the day was beyond perfect.  I savored every moment 
and will never forget the way I felt when I walked down the aisle 
my hand entwined with my Dad's. 

I will never forget listening in the back to the song, In His Time.
When I was a young girl we would watch my parents' wedding video
 and I would think to myself,
Someday, when I get married I will have this song sung..

Little did I know how fitting the song would be or the passage from which it came.
I claimed that verse when I saw friends go off and teach or when I watched classmates
get married.  I looked around and would wonder,
Maybe I am to remain at my home and serve in my church, unmarried.

And then God would remind me of the passage in Ecclesiastes,
He hath made everything beautiful in HIS time.

 Marrying Jack was not something I could have ever imagined, thought up, or planned for.
It was clearly God who brought us together.
If you have not read our story, you can read
both mine and Jack's side.

Listening to the soloist sing just reminded that God had made everything beautiful
in HIS timing.

{Chellberg Farm:  First Look}


  1. I used to be so against seeing each other before the wedding, but now I love the idea of having that special moment with a first look.

    Also, I never would have thought of 'In His Time' as a wedding song, but as soon as you mentioned it I was like, 'Yes!! That's such a perfect song!' I just may have to have that sung at my wedding when that day comes. :)

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  3. Beautiful pictures :) I can not wait to see more! And such a lovely sweet post!

  4. Amazing pictures!!! So beautiful...can't wait to see more!!


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