Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nursery Reveal

We have had so much fun working on Keegan's nursery
 over the last several months.  We enjoyed finding new things
little by little - always for such great deals, 
repainting frames and dressers, and then creating our own custom
pieces whether it was by computer, wood, paint, or cricut machine.
And here we are with just 3 1/2 weeks to spare and I am so in love
with this little space that will be our baby's room.

I apologize in advance for the picture overload, but I just really,
really love it and I had to share... :)

Now to fully appreciate the finished product above, I wanted to take
you through the stages of this room prior to it being the nursery...

Before Jack and I were married this was how the room looked.
 Once we were married the room slowly started to be transformed
into this...
I really wish we had taken a picture of our bedroom prior to 
converting it to the nursery but alas we did not.
We were going to leave this room the master bedroom, but after
converting Jack's office into "the nursery" we decided we wanted
to switch bedrooms.  You can see a video of that transformation HERE.
The first thing we did to the nursery was repaint it in a lighter shade
{Olympic-Sand Dune}
and then Jack painted on the blue stripes.

From there we just added piece by piece as we found deals
or as it was given to us...
 {Curtain material-IKEA made by my mom}
{Book shelves made by Jack costing $10}
{Rocking chair-gift}
 {Dresser-repainted our old wooden one
 {Top drawers taken out and replaced
with 4 canvas totes from Hobby Lobby-$36}
{Knobs replaced-Hobby Lobby $16}
{Our old bedroom mirror repainted}
{Shelf, lampshade, lantern-IKEA}
 {Rocking chair-gift from my parents}
{Blanket-CVS $.99}
{Nautical canvases-gift}
{Nightstand-our old one that we repainted}
{Picture frames-IKEA $20}
{Crochet monkey-gift}
Leaving empty frames around the room for 
baby pictures of course... :)
 The canvas totes are full of burp cloths, receiving blankets,
shoes, socks, and hats...
 And needless to say, Keegan is all set with clothes for quite some time!
 Jack designed this printable for me, 
that I printed and attached to an 8x10 canvas
to give it more depth.
 I love this wall quote!
Looking forward to laying Keegan in this crib...

I hope you enjoyed our nursery reveal, we loved completing each stage, and
were excited to share with our readers!


  1. It is absolutely perfect! Praying for you as you wait the birth of Keegan.

  2. What a beautiful room that will hold so many special memories. I love the colors. I still remember my first nursery with red, white and blue :-) and I still choose those colors for most of my decor. I love your style! Happy parenting!

  3. Fantastic! I love the stripes on the wall! Well done!

  4. Congratulations! You did a great job on Keegan’s nursery room. Every detail and accessory blows me away, especially the crib part and the pillow that has a chevron pattern. Great choice! Keegan will surely have a great time on his room when he comes home.

    Dante Storey @ The Healthy Bed Store


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