Thursday, June 19, 2014

Keegan's Welcoming Party

My mom hosted a lovely welcoming party for Keegan last week.
He was passed around, hugged, and cooed over and I am quite
certain he enjoyed all the attention.
Meanwhile, I enjoyed fellow shipping with some of my favorite women
and mothers who I look up to at Fairhaven.

Keegan ended up with a grand total of 40 new books;
and not a single double! 

 Thanks to Lauren for doing the lovely chalk art!

 And many thanks to my mom for all the planning,
cooking, and decorating she put into making the shower 
absolutely perfect!

 So much good food!

 Keegan being spoiled... ;)

Thank you mom, we love you!


  1. I so thoroughly enjoyed planning and entertaining for little Keegan's welcoming party! It was my pleasure! Love you!♥

  2. Oh my, this look so fun! We'll have to do something like this for our son when he's born in October!


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