Friday, February 28, 2014

Someone to watch over me...

Two years ago, heaven became sweeter when 
my Grandma joined Jesus there.
I think about her often and wish with all my heart 
she could have met Jack and our Keegan.

 I can't help but recall my Dad's weekly conversations with her.
He would call at the same time every week on Saturday.
I would listed in and smile, as it was obvious that no matter
how old my Dad was he would always be 'her Joey'.

What a wonderful blessing as Christians to know that she is free from
any bodily pain she was in.  Gone is that wheel chair and breathing machine,
and in their place is a restored, perfectly healthy Grandmother, who I 
have no doubt is watching down from heaven.

Love and miss you, Grandma Cookie...


  1. Thank you Nicole I'm sure she is looking down from Heaven at what a wonderful women you have become.


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