Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dear Keegan || 43 weeks

Dear Keegan,

Before you made your entrance into this beautiful world, Mommy used to write you letters.  I was just looking back on them and a whole flood of memories came to my mind.  Memories of wondering what you would like look, how you would act, if I would have any clue what I was doing...

Well, here we are just five days until you turn 10 months, and I still wonder if I know what I am doing.  You have changed so much in your short life and I can hardly believe that in just 2 months you will be a whole year old!!

You have completely changed our lives in more ways than I could have ever imagined.  Even on days, when you are wearing out my patience I can't help but thank God for giving us such a healthy active boy.

Mommy loves you so much, Keegan, and I would do anything for you.  Having you has given me a whole new understanding of God and his love for you and me.  Daddy and I look forward to telling you Bible stories and pray that you will come to know Him at a young age.

I must tell you, that you are exactly how I imagined you would be...:)  Even in mommy's tummy you were so full of energy and would kick like crazy!  Now, you keep mommy on her toes by crawling ever so quickly and getting into anything and everything!

Since you have never been much of a cuddler, I do so enjoy those night time moments when you lay your head on my shoulder.  I don't even know how to describe it...

Your little fuzzy head will nuzzle into me and a feeling of complete and total love will wash over me.  It moves me to tears so many times and I just want to hold you forever.  I know that someday you will be embarrassed if mommy tries to hug or kiss you.  And so for now I want to cherish each and every moment.

Please stay Mommy's little buddy forever, Keegan.  Please know that I would do anything in my power to make you happy.  I love you baby, with all of my heart.


PS Mommy used to close each letter with your current taste preferences and here are yours now...
You love chicken and stars soup, yogurt bites, and you feel so big drinking water from a straw! :)


  1. This is so sweet, Nicole.
    ~MOM xoxo

  2. He is adorable, Nicole!! =) And such a sweet letter.


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