Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Keegan Joseph || 10 months

Today marks the day that this little man has been with us for 10 months.

 I don't know what it is about this month, but it seems as if you have suddenly went 
from infant to on the brink of being a toddler.  You are Mr Independent and love
to do things on your own.  You are constantly on the move and keep us very busy.
You are not walking yet, but are quite confident moving about the furniture and are
getting less and less bruises to my relief! :)

Every month I don't think you could get any cuter, but then you do! :)
You are my happy thought and I love you to pieces!


  1. Love this photo shoot! Definitely one of my favorites! It really shows his fun personality! And I love that he has no shoes on...I am a sucker for his tootsies!!;)
    ~Mom (aka Grams) xoxoxo

  2. So. adorable. What kind of camera do you use? The quality is amazing!


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